(Image: http://media4.picsearch.com/is?P2P6KKAwLnRah7CDsCrjC3zLO-HaX-_Dea1G6GX636w&height=214)The home remedies for jock itch can cure this causes a major effectually. But, it is important to understand some details about this problem. The jock itch has many names, medically method . tinea cruris or eczema marginatum; and commonly it is well known as crotch itch or crotch rot or tinh bot nghe nguyen chat ringworm of groin. This can be a dermatophytes fungal infection that affects both genders; however can tinh bot nghe an binh more common ultimately male gender. Moreover, this infection affects the groin region of the body system. The home remedies for tinh bot nghe an binh tinh bot nghe nguyen chat jock itch can eliminate the infection quickly.