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Great, you believe. The information in your site has all been written and approved and the site will shortly be live – you can relax. No not really! Fresh content issues if you need the site to be listed and to be discovered on the search engine results pages. And if you want to improve your Google page ranking innovative content matter. Altering the content on your site consistently is an easy method to create action on your own site, especially with a new web site when you won’t have a lot of traffic visiting the site. Why is this significant? Once your web site has been submitted to the search engines they are going to send their spiders for your site to register the content. They'll see your site again initially every couple of days. But if you content hasn’t changed they'll visit your site every five days instead of every three. This might shift to once a week , fortnightly or even monthly if you website is finished static and unchanged. This may have an adverse effect in your Google page rank. But if the search engine spiders see your site and discover that there’s bunches of new content they will come and visit your site more often. How can you tell how frequently they visit your site? Search for your site or a page in your web site using Backlinks Yelp the Google search menu. After you are able to see your site listed click on the cache button next to your listing. If this is over one week old you need to begin raising the content action in your website. If writing your own regular content is overly time consuming then consider using copywriting services. The added advantage is that the content will be optimised for the key words you need to rank for and this will help the spiders discover what content is significant and help your ranking on key words.